An Austrian family with a vision

Hello there! 🙂 We’re the Althammers. A passionate family from Salzburg with the mission of making genomics user-friendly by providing affordable, informative and reliable DNA tests performed at the highest quality standards right here in Austria.

It’s no secret that every individual person is unique, but how far reaching the implications of this insight are was indeed quite surprising to our family – back then also just interested consumers like yourselves.

In 2003, the human genome was first sequenced in its entirety. Back then, that first analysis costed over €3 billion and dragged on over several years. Since then, the costs of genetic sequencing have fallen rapidly. As a result, the number of analyses carried out and the dispersion of associated knowledge has increased dramatically. Yet those groundbreaking developments remained almost entirely unknown to people like us. Even in the medical field, DNA tests still remain a primary tool for diagnostics – when something needs to be “proven” in retrospect – but are barely used as practical tool for preventive action.

We firmly believe that this should change! Why wait until a specific illness breaks out and only treat it after diagnosis, when it could be avoided alltogether by making small but meaningful adjustments to your daily lifestyle? Why hope that the next trendy diet will finally melt away those extra pounds you’ve been struggling to shed, when a simple saliva swab suffices to tell you exactly which measures be most effective under your unique circumstances?

This is why we made it our family’s mission to play a role in making these fascinating and scientifically proven discoveries of the last decade finally user-friendly and readily available for people like ourselves. We want to remove the big question mark from your face and support you in discovering the optimal diet, fitness routing and healthcare for yourself.

Get your genes decoded and unlock your full potential! 🙂

Superior quality and diligent data protection are our top priority

There is hardly any other area where quality and data security are as important as in genetic diagnostics. That is why all DNA for ME analyses are carried out exclusively by our ISO-certified partner laboratory right here in Austria. Novogenia is one of the most advanced human genetics laboratories in Europe and complies with the highest European safety and quality standards, while carrying out over 200,000 genetic tests every month. Click here to find out more about Novogenia.

Working closely with healthcare experts all over Austria and Germany

We know how hard it is to change your daily habits and quit those bad ones. That is why we don’t leave you alone with the results of your DNA test and want to support you in actually integrating this information into your daily life, so you can benefit from the results even years after the DNA test was completed. To accompany you throughout your whole genetics journey, we work with a large network of healthcare experts such as doctors, pharmacies, nutritionists and coaches across Austria and parts of Germany. Depending on your personal interests, we are happy to put you in touch with a specialist in your area – just send us a message with your concerns and we’ll get the ball rolling! 🙂

Experts near me

Dr. Manfred Althammer

In his role as a wealth manager, Manfred has always had the pleasure of meeting interesting personalities working on exciting projects. In 2017, Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, founder of our partner laboratory Novogenia, stirred a particular fascination in Manfred. When this initial connection quickly developed into a close friendship, Manfred founded DNA for ME – fuelled by the passionate hope of using the tools of modern science to help as many people as possible to live longer, healthier lives. Now he works tirelessly every day to make this happen.
As CEO, Manfred is responsible for our distribution partners and is our visionary for everything that is still to come.
In his spare time you can find Manfred happily marching across the golf course with large steps and a big smile on his face.

Mag. Sylvia Althammer

After her entrepreneurial husband managed to convince the trained communications scientist of his new passion, Sylvia didn’t hesitate very long and supported the freshly born “business baby” from Day 1.

Since Sylvia is also a communications trainer on the side, she always has an empathic ear for our customers and loves exchanging ideas with other people. She takes care of the majority of all customer concerns, navigates the support of our sales partners and is our knowledge database on two legs. Customer satisfaction is her greatest motivation and she works every day to keep improving it.

Outside of office hours, Sylvia likes to exercise in the fresh air, meet her friends and when it rains dive into a good book or an exciting crime series with some tea or hot chocolate.

Nina Althammer, BSc. BA.

While completing her studies and gaining international work experience at companies such as BlackRock and Credit Suisse in London, Nina was actively involved in the company’s journey from the very beginning.
Now back home in Austria, she is responsible for business development projects as well as the digitalisation and branding efforts of the firm. With creative ideas and an analytical mind, she drives the corporate vision ahead and works to truly democratise the genomics industry. She is particularly passionate about longevity research and works to integrate relevant aspects in our daily operations.
If we’re able to drag our little workaholic away from her desk before midnight, Nina loves spending cozy evenings with friends over dinner and drinks. On weekends you can usually find her somewhere up in the mountains or by the lake.


You got questions? Awesome, that’s what we’re here for! 🙂

No matter whether it’s about our DNA tests or the science underneath – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have and very much look forward to hearing from you!
Have you seen our latest chat feature already? This is right at the bottom of the screen and allows you to chat with us directly – so you can receive real-time answers to your questions without having to pick up the phone. 

* In order to be included in our analysis program, a gene variation requires at least 3 independent scientific studies that have examined this specific variation and confirmed its effect. These studies must be:

If all of these independent studies deliver the same result (e.g. genetic defect X leads to lactose intolerance), we consider it to be sufficiently verified from a scientific perspective and approve it for our programs. This is the usual procedure in medical-diagnostic gene laboratories and complies with the requirements of the Austrian law on medical genetics.